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A Dignity-Centered Guide to Reflecting on Cooperative Funding Structures

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Thank you for downloading A Dignity-Centered Guide to Reflecting on Cooperative Funding Structures. Through the NOW Cooperative Design Lab Series in Spring 2021, NOW partnered with 15 community champions from across the country to embark on a journey of reimagining funding structures to center, honor, and uphold the values of local communities and coalitions. Together, they developed a reflection guide that encourages funders and their potential partners to think intentionally about the goals and outcomes of their relationship, focused on a set of key Guiding Principles and Practices that build on elements of successful cooperative and collaborative structures. 


We would like to learn more about how you’ve used the reflection guide, your experience using it, and any feedback you’d like to share. We invite you to complete this brief feedback survey to let us know what you think:

Share Your Feedback! 
How have you used this reflection guide? Please check all that apply.
How likely would you share the refletion guide with a partner, colleague, or collaborator?
Would you be interested in any of the opportunities available to NOW network leaders below? Please check all that apply.
To what extent has using the reflection guide impacted your work?

Thanks for sharing your feedback!

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