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Podcast Series:
In the Arena with NOW

In the Arena with NOW lifts up the voices of community leaders who are “in the arena” - in classrooms, playgrounds, Congressional halls, hospitals, and neighborhood streets - to make sure that all children and families can live healthy, thriving lives. Each episode delves into the experiences of local coalitions, residents, and experts and the best practices and strategies they are using to create equitable systems of care that can support healing, joy, and equity towards the wellbeing of children and their families


The theme for this season is Collaborative Action and Coalition Building: Transformative Practices for Healing, Joy, and Equity. Tune in every other Thursday starting July 13, 2023 to hear from community leaders who are transforming how we collaborate together to create thriving, healthy communities for generations to come. 

Interested in sharing your story or participating in a podcast episode?


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Season 2 episodes:

Produced by: Networks of Opportunity for Child Wellbeing

Music: Want U W/ Me (Instrumental Mix), by Akira Sora, From the Free Music Archive, CC BY 4.0

Edited By: Resonate Recordings 

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