The Vital Village Network is committed to maximizing child, family, and community wellbeing. Since 2010, Vital Village has fostered partnerships between residents and organizations designed to improve the capacity of three Boston communities to promote child wellbeing and prevent early life adversities. 


The Network uses a trauma-informed lens to support systems alignment and collaboration across community-based early childhood health and education efforts. Focus areas include promoting family strengths and social connections during the preconception and prenatal period, peer-to-peer advocacy aimed to address social and material hardships, and innovations in early childhood education.

Emerging understanding of the far-reaching consequences of adversity in early life on child development, health, and educational outcomes motivates the Network’s aspiration to deepen community engagement within, and enhance collaboration between, its constituents across three Boston neighborhoods.


Vital Village’s community of practice mobilizes cross-sector collaborations, encourages collective learning, and cultivates stronger connections between residents and community-based organizations to co-design community systems-improvement efforts. Vital Village aims to pioneer a sustainable approach to setting-level improvements that advance equity, enhance family and community protective factors, and ultimately promote optimal wellbeing.


For more information about Vital Village and programs, please visit https://vitalvillage.org/about.

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