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Across the nation, communities are building capacity to promote child wellbeing and prevent early life adversities. Community-driven solutions to achieve equity at scale and sustain local efforts should be disseminated and discussed.


As a member of the NOW Innovation Forum you can connect with peer communities, exchange resources, and work collectively to inform and advance a child equity agenda. Membership is free and requires sharing minimal contact information. The benefits of membership include access to monthly newsletters, webinars and podcast interviews, peer networking, peer-to-peer wisdom exchange opportunities through the NOW Community Forum, and curated resources and tools. Learn more about the benefits of becoming a Member in our Member FAQ Guide. 


The NOW Learning Community (NOW LC) is a cohort of 10 community coalitions working to improve child wellbeing. The NOW LC will share some of their strategies and learnings with members of the NOW Innovation Forum. Members can expand their network of partners, access resources and tools curated by their peers, contribute and highlight their own learning, request support and guidance, and co-design strategies to align early childhood systems of care and education.


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