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NOW Child Wellbeing Tracker - Parent & Family Engagement Context

Measuring Collective Impact around Child Wellbeing

What is the NOW Child Wellbeing Tracker?

The Child Wellbeing Tracker (CWT) is a tool developed collaboratively by the NOW Learning Community, 10 community-led coalitions, to capture the collective actions to promote parent and family engagement across their coalitions. The CWT tracks aggregate actions to advance child wellbeing, grouped by shared dimensions of work.

Focus Area: Parent and Family Engagement

Most existing child wellbeing trackers mainly focus on children’s health and development outcomes. However, the NOW Learning Community identified parent and family engagement is a crucial component of improving the health and wellbeing of children, families, and communities and recognized that it is often less highlighted and measured as a child wellbeing indicator.

What are Examples of Parent and Family Engagement Indicators?

There are a number of ways to capture parent and family engagement. Below are examples of indicators and types of data that can be grouped by category or similar themes:


Data Dashboard

NOW Learning Community piloted the CWT using data from June to October in 2019. 

When using this data, please cite the source: “NOW Learning Community (2020). NOW Child Wellbeing Tracker - Parent & Family Engagement Context.”

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