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Austin Neighborhood Network

Chicago, Illinois

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About Us

Austin is one of Chicago's seventy-seven officially designated community areas (neighborhoods). Launched in 2015, the Austin Neighborhood Network was part of an expansion of United Way’s collective impact model into nine additional city and suburban communities of need following a successful pilot in 2013. Austin Neighborhood Network is comprised off 20+ community-based organizations in Austin working under formal collaboration to meet the education and income needs of Austin residents.


Austin Neighborhood Network's mission is to increase the collective impact of its member organizations on child, youth and parent outcomes in Chicago's Austin community through the design and implementation of multi-organization, multi-sector initiatives. The organization aims is for all young children (ages 0-5) have access to quality early learning programs in Austin by the year 2025.


Austin Neighborhood Network’s vision is that there is outreach, clear communication, and training opportunities that will ensure that parents understand what services and supports for their children are available at schools and empower parents to be leaders in their children's schools.

Learning Community Goals and Strategic Priorities

During the learning community, the Austin Neighborhood Network is focusing on the following goals:

  1. Help existing providers become accredited and more deeply prepared for child development

During the learning community, the Austin Neighborhood Network is focusing on the following specific priorities:

  1. Formalize commitment with educational institution to Austin Early Learning Cohort

  2. Start and implement Early Childhood Providers cohort, named the Austin Early Learning Cohort

  3. AELC cohort members place into and complete English and Math 101


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