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Family Engagement Network

Tucson, Arizona


About Us

In 2017, the First Things First Pima North and Pima South Regional Partnership Councils in partnership with Pima County At Work and Pima Community College came together to strengthen the coalition called the Family Engagement Network, which is supporting the educational endeavors for parents and their young children. First Things First creates a family-centered, comprehensive, collaborative and high-quality early childhood system that supports the development, health and early education of all Arizona's children birth through age 5.


The mission of the Family Engagement Network is that the organization creates a pathway for parents to access educational opportunities that create sustainable employment while also supporting their child’s access to high-quality early education.


The vision of Family Engagement Network is that it will leverage a family’s ability to rise out of poverty while also preparing their children to enter kindergarten ready to succeed.

Learning Community Goals and Strategic Priorities

During the learning community, the Family Engagement Network is focusing on the following goals:

  1. Build stronger relationships to overcome systems barriers

  2. Create a culture of high-quality education for parents and children


During the learning community, the Family Engagement Network is focusing on the following specific priorities:

  1. Increase the effectiveness of the Family Engagement Network collaborative to formalize the provision of services for low income families in the Career Pathway Program

  2. Target parents of children birth to 5, retain students for the full length of the Career Pathway Program

  3. Enroll preschool-aged children in quality early learning centers

  4. Assign a parent coach to provide family supports and services beyond child care

  5. Utilize data to demonstrate the effectiveness and sustainability of the model

For More Information

Robert Clark

United Way of Tucson and Southern Arizona


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