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Voices and Choices for Children Coalition



About Us

Voices and Choices for Children is a coalition that works closely with Minnesota’s Children’s Cabinet, state ethnic councils, state agencies, early childhood funders, non-profits, community-based organizations, early childhood advocates and parents representing communities of color and American Indian communities across the state. Our coalition focuses on developing strongly engaged cultural communities of learning, organizing and advocacy for their input, and impact in shaping more equitable practices and policies that will support better outcomes for children of color and American Indian children prenatal to 8 years old across the state. We believe that people of color and American Indians must be at the table as polices are created and decisions made about and for our children.


Our mission is to build capacity and amplify the voices of communities of color and American Indian communities to ensure they have an impact on public policy and practice and remove systemic barriers in order to create the conditions in which racial and social justice thrive.


Our vision is that no child in Minnesota faces the systemic devaluing, undermining, disadvantaging or marginalizing of their individual identities through policies, practices, programs and attitudes that don’t fully affirm their cultural background, race, ability and experience. Our vision is for a state in which we have parents, advocates and leaders of color and American Indians enabled to exercise their collective power to promote their own solutions, visions and values for society based on increasing more equitable outcomes for their children and communities.

Lead Partners

Other Partners

Multi-sector and multicultural coalition with membership that includes organizations, professionals, parents, and public officials working across sectors such as:

  • Child care providers

  • Family support social workers

  • School district

  • Pre-k teachers

  • Advocates

  • Philanthropy

  • State agencies

  • Health

Learning Community Goals and Strategic Priorities

During the learning community, Voices and Choices for Children Coalition is focusing on the following goals and strategic priorities:

  1. Legislative Advocacy: Move Community Solutions Fund and increase supports/access to Child Care Assistance Program

  2. Administrative Advocacy: Increase cultural relevance in early childhood and care environments -- through efforts such as Partnership with DHS and Parent Aware; Child Care and Development Block Grant (CCDBG) Plan

  3. Capacity Building: leadership development and narrative building within our coalition


For More Information

May Esperanza Losloso

Senior Organizer


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