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Community-Driven Policy Advocacy: Upholding the Dignity of Immigrant Children and Families

Thursday, July 30, 2020

 1pm – 2pm ET / 10am – 11am PT

What would it look like if our systems and institutions honored the dignity and voice of all Black, indigenous, and children of color and their families? This webinar explores dignity and beloved community in policy advocacy praxis, specifically within the context of ongoing efforts to protect, uphold, and defend the dignity of immigrant children and families. COVID-19 and heightened attention to structural racism have shed further light on the heavy toll of our nation’s fractured systems, coupled with state-sanctioned violence and intertwined systems of detention and incarceration, on the health, wellbeing, safety, and livelihood of immigrant communities. Learn from advocates across the country who are working to dismantle structural racism not only within the immigration system, but other sectors, institutions, and programs -- from public health and early childhood, to education and legal -- that serve immigrant children and families. Speakers will highlight strategies that local coalitions have led to advocate for legislation and policy change, center community voice, and create supportive networks.

Featured speakers include:​​

  • Angela Kelly, Boston Immigration Justice Accompaniment Network (BIJAN)

  • Cindy Liou, Esq., Director of State Policy, Kids In Need of Defense (KIND)

  • Wendy Miron, LCSW, Senior Director of Social Services, Kids In Need of Defense (KIND)

  • Liza Schwartzwald, JD,  Manager of Education Policy, New York Immigration Coalition (NYIC)

  • Moderator: Ronda Alexander, Director of Operations, Vital Village Network at Boston Medical Center

Spanish written and audio summary forthcoming.

Spanish Written Summary
Spanish Audio Summary
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