Building community capacity to promote child wellbeing and achieve equity.

What would it look like if every child, parent, and family had equitable access to critical resources and opportunities needed to lead healthy, thriving lives — and had a seat at the table to drive the solutions?

Networks of Opportunity for Child Wellbeing (NOW) is a national initiative to improve the capacity of local communities and coalitions to advance equity. The NOW Innovation Forum is a national network of peer communities working to promote child wellbeing and prevent early childhood adversities.


Launched in 2016, Networks of Opportunity for Child Wellbeing (NOW) aims to build the capacity of local communities and coalitions working to promote child wellbeing and align early childhood systems of care and education by using a trauma-informed lens to advance equity.

The NOW Innovation Forum brings together resources, stories, discussions, and other interactive tools in a central hub, to promote shared learning and networking among communities across the country that are working ensure all children and their families achieve optimal health and wellbeing. Learn more about the history of NOW, our vision and approach, and partners.

View the recording and slides from our virtual tour of the NOW Innovation Forum.


The NOW Innovation Forum is an initiative of the Vital Village Network at Boston Medical Center.


Your health and well-being matters to us. The NOW team stands alongside communities during this time as we work together collectively to promote the health, safety and wellness of our community, and maintain social connections. Click here for our latest announcements, updates and resources regarding COVID-19.


Webinar Archive: "Strategies for Centering Equity in Early Care and Education"

Check out the archive from our November 7 webinar, featuring two peer mentor coalitions from the Networks of Opportunity for Child Wellbeing (NOW). Learn from members of the California Consortium for Equity in Early Care and Education and Opportunity Knocks for Middletown's Young Children Community Collaborative around challenges, successes, and lessons learned as they work to address equity for children and families in their communities. 


NOW Innovation Forum members can network with peer communities, share best practices, contribute resources to the repository, and access learning tools, webinars, podcasts, and monthly communications. Check out the Member FAQ Guide for more information about member benefits.

Learn more about NOW's levers of community change — components we believe are critical to ensure the equitable transformation and alignment of community systems to move those most impacted by inequity from margin to center. Read more to find resources and tools designed to build capacity around these fundamental areas.


New Podcast Episode 7 Released! 

Check out the latest episode of In the Arena with NOW, our new podcast series! In our seventh episode, Community Data into Action: An African American Breastfeeding Blueprint,  we speak with Andrea Serano of ROSE and learn about their multi-pronged approach to transforming the breastfeeding landscape to be more accessible, inclusive, culturally relevant and equitable -- from mentoring and support groups, to training, education, and legislative advocacy.


Reaching Our Sisters Everywhere (ROSE) released “Saving Tomorrow Today: An African American Breastfeeding Blueprint,” with support from the W.K. Kellogg Foundation. The report explains the disparities in breastfeeding; while the percentage of black women breastfeeding has increased from 2009–2015, overall rates for African American women lag that of white, Asian, and Hispanic women. The report also offers several recommendations to increase breastfeeding rates in this population.

Read Andrea Serano's (ROSE) latest blog to learn more about the resource.


NOW is working with 10 community coalitions to the essential knowledge, skills, and tools to scale and sustain equitable transformation of early childhood, education, and health systems in their regions through the NOW Learning Community. Learning Community members can access a separate portal with information and resources to support their work over the next 18 months.

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