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Creating Pathways for Community Leadership

Thursday, November 19, 2020

 3pm – 4pm ET / 12pm – 1pm PT

Harnessing community strengths and assets -- such as existing parent and community leaders -- are critical to building local capacity and scaling up innovative solutions. This session highlights local models for creating sustainable leadership pathways for parents, caregivers, and community stakeholders to not only participate, but also design and implement systems change efforts. Speakers will highlight unsung leadership stories and examples of parent-led efforts to address pressing and emerging community challenges, from improving access to health promoting resources to mitigating natural disasters and COVID-19.

Featured speakers include:​​

  • Allentza Michel, Founder, Powerful Pathways

  • Regina Elmi, Executive Director, Supporting Partnerships in Education and Beyond; Parent Leader, Family Leadership Design Collaborative

  • Ann Ishimaru, Associate Professor of Education, University of Washington; Co-principal investigator, Family Leadership Design Collaborative;

  • Moderator: Ronda Alexander, Director of Operations, Vital Village Network at Boston Medical Center

Simultaneous Spanish interpretation services will be available  / La interpretación simultánea en español estará disponible.


Cooperatives as a Practice of Community Leadership

Thursday, August 25, 2022

 1pm – 2pm ET / 10am – 11am PT

Through the NOW Cooperative Design Lab Series in Spring 2021, NOW partnered with 15 community champions from across the country to embark on a journey of reimagining funding structures to center, honor, and uphold the values of local communities and coalitions. Through the application of human-centered design, participants worked together to identify barriers of traditional and current funding structures and explore alternative solutions. Together, they developed a reflection guide that encourages funders and their potential partners to think intentionally about the goals and outcomes of their relationship, focused on a set of key Guiding Principles and Practices that build on elements of successful cooperative and collaborative structures. During this conversation you’ll hear from a member of the design group that worked on the reflection guide, as well as learn more about how key practices of cooperative structures can foster and promote sustainable community leadership.


Featured Speakers:

  • Stephanie Waters, Young Child Wellness Council / Black Warrior Community Action Team

  • Darnell Adams, Firebrand Cooperative

  • Moderator: Ronda Alexander, Director of National Partnerships, Vital Village Networks

​NOTA: Hay una línea en español disponible para los participantes que deseen escuchar interpretación en vivo durante el seminario web

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